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Varilux is a corrective varifocal lens solution allowing you to see near, far and intermediate distances with ease. Essilor invented the first varifocal lens in 1959 and we’ve been creating new technologies ever since to ensure maximum vision benefits. Explore our varifocal ranges below; Varilux series our premium everyday varifocals, Varilux classics for your everyday needs and Varilux activity lenses for your specific lifestyle requirements.

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Varliux® XR series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens powered by behavioral artificial intellligence. Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now considers visual behavior, a preriquisite for fast and precise eye movements.  

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Varilux Comfort Max Logo.png

Comfortable, sharp vision from the moment you put them on. Varilux Comfort Max lenses give you peace of mind whenever you put on your glasses.

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Varilux Road Pilot Logo.jpg
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Varifocal lens specifically designed for driving. Experience larger fields of vision so you can anticipate what is happening on the road.

The ultimate varifocal choice for sport performance and large sunglasses, designed to deliver perfect vision.


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