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Visioffice X


the visioffice x

Each Eye is unique, the Visioffice X optical measuring system makes the most suited personalisation to our patients. 

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How does Visioffice X work?

Eyecode Technology

EyecodeTM is a patented and exclusive technology. It takes a 3D measurement of the exact position of the Eye Rotation Centre. This unique point in the eye, where all fixation lines intersect, is considered in the lens production. Eyecode accurately calculates each fixation and provides a higher lens precision for an instant vision without effort for the wearer.

Near Vision Behaviour

Near vision activities involve a whole-body posture response and each wearer behaves differently while performing a near vision task. The Near Vision Behaviour measurement recreates a familiar close-up task to understand how wearers naturally use their eyes to provide them with a better and accelerated adaptation to their new lenses.

H3D Analysis

H3D is a patented and exclusive protocol which analyses the natural posture of the client in far vision with an accuracy of 1/10 of a degree. The H3D technology is automatically embedded in the Visioffice® X’s measurements protocol to ensure a better comfort for the wearer.

Markers For Precision

Multiple Cameras

3 cameras work simultaneously to provide a 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination in the front and 3/4 views. Real-time analysis of the images allows for better space detection. The increased precision of measurements is optimised as a result.

The markers placed on the frames allow for the statistical analysis of the patient’s natural posture. The precision of the measurements is one-tenth of a millimeter and one-tenth of a degree. This high level of precision cannot be reached without the markers.

Infra-Red Cameras

They minimise the impact of the lighting environment around the Visioffice® X and optimise the measurement stages. The 2 infra-red cameras provide you with the option of taking measurements through tinted lenses without removing them.

If you would like to find out more about the Visioffice X and personalised lens measurements

please contact us to book an appointment.


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