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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses and can provide excellent sight and long term comfort. We stock a variety of well known brands including Acuvue, Coopervision and Alcon, available as daily, two-weekly and monthly disposable. Our lenses are also available in toric form for those with astigmatism, and as multifocals for those needing extra help with reading. Whether you already wear contact lenses or if you are thinking of giving them a try, we are here to help you make the right choice. Contact us today to make an appointment.



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clariti® 1 day family

Clariti® 1 day is the highly breathable daily disposable lens at an affordable price. Using Wetloc® Technology designed to resist dehydration. It is soft, yet easy to handle with an Optimised Comfort Edge™. With built-in UV blocker.

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Clariti® features high water content and oxygen transmissibility. Low modulus for a soft and flexible lens. With aspheric optics to help provide clear, crisp vision and built-in UV blocker.


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1-Day Acuvue®Moist®

1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST provides enhanced hydration by helping to keep moisture in and irritation out. LACREON® Technology with an embedded wetting agent creates a long-lasting cushion of moisture

ACUVUE® OASYS 1-Day with HydraLuxe® Technology

Because a lot happens in 1 day, ACUVUE® OASYS 1-Day helps you keep up with your demanding days1. Designed with HydraLuxe® Technology, a unique Tear-Inspired Design that mimics the natural properties of tears and stabilises the fear film to provide exceptional comfort all day long and makes vision clearer, brighter and sharper.

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