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Eye Examinations

Some people find a visit to the Optician’s daunting and so we will always do our best to put you at ease.  Our comprehensive 40 minute eye examination includes glaucoma checks and visual field screening so you can trust that the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision is thoroughly investigated.

Eye Doctor

Once we have completed the examination we will decide if you require glasses and together with our qualified dispensing team, we will suggest the most appropriate option for your lifestyle and visual requirements.  We offer NHS eye examination (are you eligible) and we recommend that you include retinal photography in your eye test.


We value our patients and provide continued care, advice and assistance whenever you might need it.

Contact us today if you’d like to make an eye examination appointment.

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The eye test consists of an examination of the internal and external eye to identify any signs of eye disease or general health issues.


To do this we recommend that you have your pupils widened with dilating eye drops.  The larger pupil enables a much better view of the inside of your eye.  However, it will make your vision a little blurry and so we advise that you do not drive yourself home from the appointment. 

eye conditions


What is a Lazy Eye?

dry eye

What is Dry Eye?


Do you have Cataracts?

How might Cataracts effect my vision?


What can I see Floating my eye?

How might floaters affect my vision?

Eye Test Glasses


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