Colorimetry Testing

Colorimetry testing is a technique used to improve the comfort and ease of reading for those who suffer from visual stress.

What is Visual Stress?

Scientists use the term ‘Visual Stress’ to describe a certain set of reading difficulties suffered by adults and children. The condition is related to light sensitivity and is often experienced by those who suffer migraine and epilepsy disorders. Visual stress can also be a major part of the problem for poor readers, including those with dyslexia, and people with normal vision can also suffer from the condition.

Signs of Visual Stress

• Skip words or lines when reading
• Continuous fidgeting while reading
• Often re-read the same line
• Poor comprehension of what is read
• Frustration while reading
• Low self-esteem
• Rub eyes often
• Blink more when reading

Symptoms of Visual Stress

(not all are present in everyone):

• Words/text moves around on the page
• Headaches while reading
• Blurred words
• Letters change shape or size or text forms patterns
• Halos of colour surrounding letters or words
• Sore, watery eyes
• Tire quickly when reading


Help is at Hand

By placing coloured filters over text or by wearing colour-tinted lenses in spectacles, many visual stress sufferers can experience a significant difference in their reading ability. Successful testing can dramatically improve reading accuracy, comfort and speed.

As the optimum colour of overlay is specific to each individual, the process involves trying different coloured overlays using an Intuitive Colorimeter. As soon as the ideal colour is determined, the overlays can be used directly over a page when reading or we can prescribe coloured lenses to be worn in spectacles, known as precision tints.

If you think you or your child could benefit from Colorimetry testing then please contact us to book an appointment or if you’re unsure, simply chat to us for some further advice.