Children's Eye Care

Our experienced optometrists take a caring and comforting approach to children’s eye care. During our children’s eye examinations, we use methods that are easy for the child so they won’t feel pressured and can enjoy a pleasant experience. We also offer a range of children’s glasses and our dispensing opticians are happy to help assist with the choosing of frames and lenses.

We recommend that your child has a sight test at least once every two years and more frequently if there is a cause for concern.


How Can I Spot a Problem with my Child’s Sight?

Even if your child is old enough to speak, it is often unlikely that they will complain about a sight problem. Simple treatments like wearing glasses or wearing a patch for a while could be all that your child needs but the earlier you can spot the problem then the more effectively it can be treated. It is important to look out for signs that can help you determine if there is a cause for concern.

We recommend that you seek out advice and have your child’s eyes tested if:

• Your child has special needs
• There is a history of a squint or lazy eye in your child’s family
• Many people in your child’s family needed to wear glasses when they were young


Some signs that may indicate a cause for concern with your child are:

• Regular squinting
• One eye turns in or out
• Your child rubs their eyes a lot
• Watery eyes
• Clumsy or poor hand and eye co-ordination
• Your child avoids reading, writing or drawing
• Your child screws up their eyes or frown, when they read or watch TV
• Your child sits very close to the TV or holds books and objects very close to their face
• Your child has behaviour or concentration problems at school
• Unexplained headache
• Complaints about blurred or double vision


If you have noticed any of these signs with your child, if your child is due a test or if you would like to seek out advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do all we can to help.